Friday, March 18, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Surprise!

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Five Minute Friday time! Every Friday Kate Motaung hosts a 5-minute free write or type at her home in cyberspace. Today's prompt is... Surprise!!!!!

witnesses to his resurrection
Surprises come in a literally countless superabundance of shapes, forms, and means. We excitedly welcome some surprises, cannot welcome others. Then there are those surprises we actually expect to happen—though how is that a real astonishment? We've been journeying through the liturgical season of Lent; this coming Sunday is Lent 6, typically observed as both Palm and Passion Sunday. Palm/Passion Sunday again signals Jesus and the church approaching the Holy City Jerusalem, drawing nearer to the cross that ultimately replaces the Jerusalem Temple as the axis mundi between earth and heaven. If Friday's coming, Sunday's not far behind! It still surprises me that as Christians we think we know the "rest of the story." We firmly trust we've been to the ninth hour of Friday, grieved through the abandonment of Saturday, and been surprised at the empty grave of resurrection Sunday dawn. We know how tides that always return to the lone bare shore, flowers that burst into bloom from the ashes of a wildfire form valid models of resurrection without quite approaching the real thing—yet... new life always surprises us. We haven't exactly been to that new dawn before; God hasn't done that particular surprise in our life at any other time. At all. Easter's on the way! Another surprise coming soon!


  1. I love the direction you went here. Easter is indeed coming. I love this quote by Clarence W. Hall. "Easter says you can put death in a grave, but it won't stay there." Now that's the kind of surprise I can cling too. I'm in the #43 spot this week. .

  2. "new life always surprises us" .. Loved this. I hope to always be surprised by new life and experience the gratitude of bearing witness to a life lived. Blessings to you and yours while you continue with your preparations for Easter. Glad to be your neighbour today.


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