Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Water Day 2016

United Nations World Water Day site with info and resources.

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Theme for this year? Water and jobs.

Water works for us and our needs. Water works to help keep us employed. We need to work to keep water alive. Close to half the workers in the world depend upon water for their employment. As a artist-designer I know water is an input in the manufacture of papers, paints, inks, solvents. But rather then writing more specifically to the suggested topic, I'm blogging some of the pictures I captured at the judicatory's World Water Day event earlier today. First Lutheran Glendale where we gathered has a splendid building and glorious stained glass! Happily and surprisingly I got involved in activities since I was more participant than journalist and didn't even try to get a photo of everything in sight; also, because of rights and permissions I consider every day as a designer, although I got a few pics that include people I won't post any. After the event opened with prayer, scripture, and a reflection on violence, holy week, baptism, and water, they moved the font close to the labyrinth most of us walked. Some of us had brought water from our living space or work place, so we poured a little into the font, watered courtyard plants with the rest. For lunch we enjoyed three kinds of sandwich wraps, veggies and dip, cinnamon tortilla chips, and fruit salsa. All vegetarian—you know how much water that saves? Yes it does!

Southwest Synod and 1st Lutheran sic world water day 2016 1st Lutheran Glendale entryway world water day 2016
come and take it world water day 2016 baptismal font world water day 2016
labyrinth world water day 2016 event table world water day 2016
1st Lutheran Glendale steeple world water day 2016
stained glass world water day 2016
church sign and stained glass world water day 2016

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