Friday, April 29, 2016

April Highlights

End of another month and it's time for Emily P Freeman's what we learned, experienced, remembered, etc., linkup.

April 2016 synopsis
• background image all rights reserved by PremiumCoding; typography from my suntreeriver design identity.

union bank red rose union bank red rose union bank red rose
• What. A. Surprise.—I looked up and there was a huge Union Bank Red Rose on Wilshire @ Westwood! I got some good shots at several angles; here's a trio.

west hollywood garden
• What better place than the apt complex garden for breakfast, sketching, dinner, conversation, or writing?

houses on Gardner Street
• No surprise, not a learning at all—I'm still loving local architecture of every imaginable kind.

Earth Day at LCM
• These critters visited church on Earth Day ♥ ♥ #Trees4Earth!

• In SS we've been having some excellent, thoughtful discussions about stewarding creation via the RCL Revelation pericopes, with one more to go for Easter 6, a semi-recap on Easter 7.

• I've been loving some Mediterranean breakfasts for some lunches.

Russian Festival
• I'm including the banner announcement for the new to me upcoming Russian Arts & Culture Festival; next month I'll feature festival photographs.

Route 66 sign
• So Route 66 is right here and right now? Well, yep, it ends a few miles down the road in Santa Monica.

• Hollywood Bowl Street Banners are out again. Summer! Summer! Summer!

• Such a privilege to be serving on the judicatory's new Green Faith Team. "Team" sounds as if we just may accomplish more than a group named committee might? Ya think so?

• No illustration this month, but I'm still learning to respond to and titrate my need for sleep. I kind of am a super sleeper who doesn't need a whole lot of sleep most of the time, but not needing much is way far different from assuming I can be alive and functional with not enough.

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