Friday, May 20, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Expect

Another Five Minute Friday Fantastic Free write; Kate Motaung hosts again with this week's expect prompt.


If you've followed my blog, you might remember I've mentioned that in Spanish hope and expect are the same word—espero and its variations. "Espero" also means wait! Sample sentence:

• I waited for her with rekindled hope because I expected her to arrive before long.

• Esperé con la esperanza reavivada porque esperaba que llegara después de poco tempo.

This time I slowly and carefully wrote by hand to three different yet related topics, thus not a very high work count.


future milkweed home future milkweed home

Picture from yesterday, Thursday, of parking lot planter boxes getting ready for new garden soil and milkweed seeds. We expect to prepare soil and plant seeds tomorrow, Saturday, or the following day, Sunday; after that we'll wait with high hopes!

1. Jesus told his followers to wait in Jerusalem! Because they had experienced the risen Christ, they embodied resurrection hope and in the power of the HS of Pentecost could expect their testimony to bear fruit.

2. We hope monarchs will multiply and start to thrive, so we'll plant milkweed, wait for the plants to grow, and expect butterflies to visit.

3. Too often I've expected more months and years of the same old same ole—such a sad yet typical case of practical atheism! I fully hope in the risen Christ, yet need to remember God often has people wait a very long time between call and fulfillment—to help us realize it's God's action, not ours?


I usually feel a bit uneasy when anyone talks about their future daughter-in-law, future place of residence, future anything. But doesn't speaking about a person, place, or event with the prefix "future" indicate tremendous hope and expectation? And trust?

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  1. Hi, visiting from FMF.

    I love that wait and hope are so related to expectation in Spanish -- thanks for sharing that! That is very fitting, especially in light of how those three things are intertwined in a relationship with Jesus.

  2. I've read a few posts this week that have talked about how hope and expect are the same. I love how they work together. I'm in the 13 spot this week.


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