Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Happenings

may 2016 experiences

Inspired by praying on the prairie, for a while I started compiling a week of grace summary but eventually unpublished all of them. Lately I've been making Emily P. Freeman's end of every month linkup into highlights, with an occasional mention of what an event or two might have taught me. It's also an excellent opp for pics that might not fit elsewhere.

• The near-astonishment of people thinking of me! "I brought you a boba!" "I brought you a bagel!"

music from the left coast CD

• Spontaneous invitation to a concert I hadn't known about. Excellent choir and orchestra, a couple of world premieres, it was in a beautifully designed contemporary style church, and I won a CD for answering a question during intermission!

Day of Pentecost streamers Day of Pentecost streamers

• Day of Pentecost splendor! At least a dozen people read John 14:27 in a language other than English; I read the passage in koine Greek. Interim pastor told me she wouldn't have done that well, but amidst memories of usually strangely accented Greek in the seminary classroom, I thanked her and assured her I'd practiced lots.

Day of Pentecost brunch lunch Day of Pentecost deserts

• Brunch and dessert tables from Pentecost Sunday

East LA Whittier sign

• Learned, or more accurately remembered: I relocated to Current City because I wasn't getting opps in Previous City, so despite a couple of living places I checked out far away choosing me as their renter/housemate, I had enough wisdom to decline and wait for something closer by my usual activities to open up.

by the beach plants on the beach

Coffee Bean Reed Park

• Homey and familiar natural settings and local outlets of my fave eating and drinking spots everywhere I go

bumble bee beach boy

• I discovered this nearby Beach Boy Painting on the Wall and later on the people who designed him. Love!

3rd street prom banners 3rd street prom banners

3rd street prom banners 3rd street prom banners

• More public art along Third Street Promenade

• I got picked to be one of the few, the chosen, the privileged, to answer a questionnaire as the pastoral search-call committee prepares the Congregational Profile or CIF or whatever they call it in that denom. Yay, me!

• Another surprise concert on the fourth Sunday afternoon of May with heavenly rococo sounds of Mozart and another famous choral work

emily may 2016


  1. I enjoyed reading all you've learned. I really liked seeing the pictures of the organ pipes...my mom is an organist and I always have a special place in my heart for them. Glad to stop by with What We've Learned!

  2. I would have loved to have experienced the reading of John 14:27 in so many different languages. I'm sure that was very moving!


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