Wednesday, June 01, 2016

three word wednesday: make summertime fun

Meteorological summer began today, 01 June; Kristin Hill Taylor's Three Word Wednesday brings us make summertime fun.

summer has been, summer sometimes still is, summer can be fun because...

orchid sky house

summer is light trails and light leaks

sunstruck pastels and neon cools

sizzling tropical brights


milkweed monarch garden milkweed monarch garden

summer is the city

house blues east coast house

summer is a splash of Americana colors

Truro Beach House

summer is Truro the town and Truro the (hymn) tune

mostly in the city

dreaming of the country

short beach nahant

sunday after church from north end to north shore

with a trip to Nahant

sunday after church from north shore to northerner shore

summer is...

summer school (I LOVE summer school!)

garden fresh tomatoes and blackberries from brambles

concerts at the

Charles River Esplanade Bowl Pops Embarcadero Pops Hollywood Bowl

three word wednesday summer house

summer is a country skyful of stars

summer 2016 is a new to me hashtag, #SFV – San Fernando Valley – "The Valley"

summer is the beach, city beach, country beach, suburban beach, any beach

pointillist beach

I don't need to do anything to make summer fun because...

summer is fun!

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  1. Beautiful - love your graphics. Your neighbour at Three Word Wednesday.


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