Sunday, July 31, 2016

July on a Page

july 2016 on a page button

Here's my July 2016 experiences/learnings roundup!

It looks as if Emily P Freeman isn't doing an end of month linkup, but if I discover she is, I'll link to it and add her button to my post.

Tuscan scene

• Valleys have a well-earned reputation for growing excellent fruits and veggies; slopes of the surrounding hills help nutrients flow down and create rich soil that helps grow nutritious, highly desirable produce. None of us was there, but still we know how the renaissance, the literal rebirth of culture and creativity trickled down from the Florentine Hills into the Tuscany Valleys. Not a very different process from growing good fruits and veggies! For the past couple of months I've lived in a well-developed, industrialized valley... and

sherman way street

• I've been loving the whir swish buzz of traffic along the street because I love to #ListenToTheCity.

sherman way cactus

• I always enjoy having cactus neighbors; typically they photograph well!

sleep again

• I'm still working on sleep (though sleep didn't make my list for June).

desert spirit's fire 14

• On Saturday 16 July desert spirit's fire celebrated #AnotherBlogoversary—14 years! Holy!

• A succulent sizzler lunch and conversation with former roommate AC.

• Is that a [dry] wash/arroyo or is it the #LosAngelesRiver?

christmas in july

• 17 July we celebrated Christmas in July using the RCL readings for Pentecost 9. Worship bulletin was our usual B&W, but I made a fun colorful version for this blog.

• Interim pastor told me I was a "crisp theologian" during SS; I don't know if she meant super well done altogether or only crisp edges, but whatever is fine with me. Pres of congregation thanked thr morning's "guest musical stars"—me and the vocal soloist. I provided guest keyboards 3 July Sundays in a row.

Holy. Holy.

hollywood bowl
hollywood bowl
hollywood bowl
hollywood bowl
hollywood bowl

• Free concert at Hollywood Bowl with #TheDude and #LAPhil! Holy! Holy!

hollywood bowl

• Although I've joined several meetups, this was the first I attended. So happy to meet new friends at the venue; conversation and communication continued online during the week afterwards.

saturday sky saturday sky

• Scary skies don't always turn into storms and can create cool camera captures.

Corita Center Open House
Corita Center Open House
Corita Center Open House
Corita Center Open House
Corita Center Open House

• Corita Art Center Summer Open House – Holy. Holy. Holy—Holy!!!

• ¿Está todo el mundo en todas partes salvadoreña? Sometimes it feels that way, but then when I'm in West LA I realize nah, not everyone everywhere, only in my non-Sunday world.

• Sepulveda Blvd is the longest municipal street in the whole entire world—43 miles worth!

• Valleys have a reputation for providing excellent fruits and veggies; good stuff descends from the surrounding hills to become part of the rich soil and then that nutritious, highly desirable produce. We know The Renaissance, the rebirth of culture and creativity made a way into the Tuscan Valleys from the Florentine Hills. Not so different from re-growing and re-vitalizing human lives? For the past couple of months a well-developed, highly populated industrialized valley has been home... I hope, I trust, this #SFV is part of my own renaissance, a true rebirth.


  1. Happy Blogaversary! Great post. I saw that Emily is planning on doing a summer what I learned at the end of July. So hopefully there will be a linkup soon.

  2. Thanks! Still some rough tough times, and in any case everyone's future remains uncertain. I strongly tend toward denial and rationalization, and not to get into "name it and claim it," it's still best for our public spoken and written words mostly to be reflect all that's gone well—just like your weekly blessings lists.

    PS although you use the same blogger template as I do, for some reason I can't directly "reply" to comments, and I've checked my settings several times. Same with Sara's Jensen Dudes, but she uses a different template. Do you know the solution? Just wonderin'

  3. Thanks for visiting the Corita Art Center!


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