Friday, October 07, 2016

#Write31Days: 07 • test

I enjoy spinning different word meanings—a test could happen in lots of situations. For a person, a vehicle (test drive, emissions test), test run for a project. Today I'll go back in time to school. By the time I started enjoying school for the most part (thanks, Mrs. Hartley!) I also wanted to do well in everything I attempted, and was enough of a perfectionist – because I loved the appearance of anything well-done – that I started taking classroom tests, exams, and papers very seriously. I'm calling shorter examinations of students progress "tests" longer ones (such as a midterm and semester's end) exams, but it's all the same.

Nationwide, school district wide, standardized tests hardly ever bothered me at all. No more than a minor hint of anxiety. I'm talking about tests from the teacher related to the subject we'd been learning about. On a paper I predictably could get an A or A-, very occasionally a B+, now and then that crack between B+/A-. I had my techniques for preparing to write papers and then writing them, and although my writing still needs improvement and still is getting better blog post by blog post, I enjoyed writing and wrote with relative clarity. Tests were the anxious part of school. Compared to some students I've observed, my test anxiety was actually very mild, but just enough that my test scores almost always were a half grade lower than the grades on my papers.

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