Sunday, October 09, 2016

#Write31Days: 09 • post-it

Sunday 09 October: post-it

I have a sneaking suspicion Post-It® is a registered TMTM but it may have become generic enough that we can remove all the legalese whenever we mention hand me a sticky note, I need one of those classic yellow post-its. Interesting that 3M (I believe it was) introduced the now indispensably ubiquitous sticky notes long before the digital age. Yet the post-it prompt meant I needed to do something with a classic snail mail stamp and postmark. I actually have several fonts that replicate real postmarks for places like Buzzards Bay and Wellfleet, MA, Detroit, MI and Bronx and New YOrk, NY, San Bernardino and Santa Clarita, CA. Bronx, NY, but in the interest of artistic my illustration is a coral postage stamp with a high value rather than a USA forever stamp. Five minutes are up, but I'll include my intended post-script remaining my readers we need to start sending more non-electronic mail. PPS: notice hoe electronic mail became ellipsed to e-mail that more often than not is email these days?

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