Sunday, October 16, 2016

#Write31Days: 16 • little

Intro:I've probably mentioned Creative Market's weekly freebies of 6 graphic design assets. If you're an artist, artistic, a designer, scrapbooker, blogger or teacher, you could use a lot of them, so you might want to add Creative Market to your weekly calendar as I finally did. Even if your software doesn't support open type, it is so worth it. This microbus was from Watercolor Travel Set by Kristy Kvilis, and a Creative Market offering earlier this year.

"Little" is the prompt. As buses go, this VW van is small. It is tiny. Some people used to call these "micro-buses." Did you ever read Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful? It has been a long while since I read it, but a neighbor advised me to be sure to read Small Is Beautiful, to learn how beautiful small can be before starting seminary. The late Robert Farrar Capon liked to remind us God saved only the last, the least, the little, and the lost. words that describe everyone at times, at least now and then. What is it about little? Small? Micro? Kristy illustrated her Volkswagen (as in the regular people, the little people, the plain folk) with a surfboard alongside. MIcrobuses were such a surfer transportation rage, and some surfers still work them. Elsewhere in the Watercolor Travel Set, Kristy included hibiscus lei flowers with her microbus. The whole organic, basic, homemade, house-made, locally grown, neighborhood sourced earthbound lifestyle. I'm out of minutes—and I don't mean phone minutes. But please consider trying to be littler, to lighten up all around and live littler, too.

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