Thursday, October 20, 2016

#Write31Days: 20 • weekend

Digitized analog photograph by Kasia Górska;

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Thursday 20 October: weekend

Concepts and practices of work week, weekend, vacation, holiday came alive in the wake of the industrial revolution. I've always been happiest about my employment when I haven't been trying to a rock so-called standard Western Monday – Friday, daylight hours, Saturday – Sunday (weekend) off. Needless to say, I still recognize the need for maintaining work / rest / play / socialize / solitude balance. Whenever I served in local churches, Saturday and Sunday were heavy duty work days with tying together worship and sermon prep on Saturdays, teaching, leading or assisting at worship, sometimes preaching on Sundays. During M - F I tried my (very) best to schedule a sabbath day or half day most weeks, to arrange social and recreational activities that about half the time included church friends and members, otherwise people I knew from other places.

Considering weekend as a general concept instead of a being permanently anchored only to Saturday and Sunday, activities including sabbath, participant and/or observer sports, beaches, museums, zoos, concerts, and restaurant outings all can contribute to weekending sensibilities. A marked departure from your activities related to you paid work is the main idea.

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