Sunday, October 30, 2016

#Write31Days: 30 • cut

Sunday 30 October: cut

"Cut" carries more than a few negative connotation! Cutting remark, cut that out, cutting room floor, didn't make the cut (though sometimes they did make the cut). Sheryl Crow, "First cut is the deepest." After that they hurt less and finally hardly matter at all?

Let's imagine some non-negative – positive – cutting ideas. KIrigami—Japapese cut paper art. Cutting squares or other shapes for quilting. Cutting out new clothes from a pattern. Cut up the veggies on the island to add to the stew; salad veggies still are in the fridge for when you're ready. You can slice, dice, chop, julienne, cube or...? Taking a cutting from plant to root for yourself and grow another or to give to a friend so they can grow a relative of your original plant. Cutting hair into a fresh new style, or simply cutting off all the dry split ends for a radical improvement.

That's about four minutes this time.

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