Monday, October 31, 2016

#Write31Days: 32 • wrap-up

Monday 31 October: wrap-up

Taking a final 5 minutes to reflect on my month of October #write31days2016 of blog posts.

Unlike some participants, I didn't choose to write to my own theme, though I can imagine doing so another time—it might lead to a short self-published book and I even could design my own book cover! Last year I sat down for 5 minutes every day and wrote. At the conclusion all my posts appeared to be the same length (with a couple of exceptions) and most of them wouldn't have needed much serious editing if I'd done them as regular posts.

This year? As I wrote in my final "only" post of this series, I've been somewhat disoriented. Related to #write31days2016, at the start of the series my only partial home internet wouldn't allow me preview what I'd written, but it did let me publish. I couldn't link myself up to the host page, but happily blog friend T did that for me. Then wifi router went down completely, but I kept randomly writing to each prompt anyway, but not necessarily each day separately. When I got internet back I backtracked and caught up, again noticing I tend to be very legalistic (in addition to amazingly disciplined). The idea is to have fun, become a better writer, and meet people. This. Is. Not. A. Contest.

The best part of this year's series is that I created a separate blog graphic for most of my posts and will be able to (but may or may not) keep designing until I have a unique illustration for each in addition to my series button. For several I used an iteration from my long ago trio of Truro House sketches; I 'd already made a few dozen Truro House versions, but I always enjoy updating, changing, and renewing my own old art and photographs.

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