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Three Word Wednesday: December 2016 Highlights

December 2016 experiences

Kristin Hill Taylor's Three Word Wednesday features our Things from December, so here's a romp through the month that ends at midnight Saturday with the start of a new calendar year 2017. I've continued doing everything I can to brighten up the short December days! BTW, December still has time for memorable happenings, so I'll add those into the list if and when.

evergreen trees for sale Old Navy window dressing

• I enjoy any kind of retail therapy including the groc store, the mall, the swap meet, yard/garage/sidewalk sales; my camera captured some evergreen trees and Old Navy window dressing at The Plant shopping plaza (that used to be an actual GM assembly plant!) several weeks before Christmas.

budget storage bldg bowl of pho

• I finally made a trip to my storage unit and pulled out some Sandy Ego winter clothes and music scores! Yay, Susie, thanks for the help! Followed by latish repast and thought-filled conversation at Phở 999 #1.

fresh apple fresh salad fresh blackberries

• Been enjoying good eats including California grown Gala apples of New Zealand ethnic heritage, blackberries from Mexico... I tell myself Mexico's local, but who knows how far south they're from, what distance they've been trucked? Price has been perfect, succulence supreme! I don't have a picture, but along the way I had my very first ever Filipino-style Halo-Halo ice cream and fruit sundae-style concoction! Been savoring sandwiches several times each week from the very friendly Subway Shop with my salad bar selection of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, onions, [green] bell pepper, [yellow] banana pepper that's always brightly super-fresh!

lessons and carols 2016

• Musical and performance style of Lessons & Carols on Advent 2 at the church I've been attending was a "very good for my soul" event.

Glendale Courtyard Gift christmas trees in school windows synod complex courtyard character

• Another Green Faith Team meeting at judicatory offices, and as always I photographed the school windows, this time decorated Christmas trees, though it was Thursday of advent 3. I've already mentioned synod, church, and school share the spacious spaces.

mini trees on lot snowman, reindeer, trailer

evergreen trees on lot

• A vendor set up shop to sell evergreen trees of different sizes at the same commercial district location as October Halloween Pumpkin Patch. Same vendor, best guess.

Christmas City, Reindeer, Soldiers

• On the Thursday before Christmas, an amazing Christmas Concert featuring some of the talent under the aegis of a publicist friend from church. Vocalists and pianist performed from a platform; this city listened from the sidelines with the rest of the audience.

Feliz Navidad on window lighted angel on wall

• Most neighbors in this part of Current City that defines urban and styles itself "The Heart of the San Fernando Valley" decorated for Christmas; Feliz Navidad on window, angel on door are downstairs in the building where I'm staying.

Christmas Eve bulletin cover picture may contain Crèche, angel, wise men nativity scene

• Although again this year I made no attempt to create designs for Advent-Nativity to offer the world, my Grunge Advent-Nativity Group each featured a verse from the 1st lectionary reading that was 1st Isaiah all the way for Matthew's RCL year A. Interim pastor shared each them on the church fb page and she decided to use the Christmas piece Christmas Eve worship bulletin cover! Minister of Music told me it was sad we didn't use each of my Advent First Isaiah expressions, too, despite color photocopying being expensive. I agree. The support felt fabulous.

collage of Glendale kids Christmas Trees

• The liturgical season of Christmas doesn't end until the feast of the Epiphany on January 06, so I'll conclude this December account with my collage of the Glendale kids' trees.

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  1. I am an event photographer, I love this venue, and I will revisit these NYC venues in a heartbeat. They have really great staff and pretty decent drinks. Their halls and rooms are absolutely gorgeous.


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