Saturday, December 31, 2016

In the City: 2016

2016 in the city header

Not necessarily most important, most memorable or unforgettable, but a simple selection from each calendar month [partly] chosen for the illustrations.

• January: some January experiences

citrus group

• nothing like a gift of dozens of fresh juicy local citrus – orange, grapefruit, lemon – for all to enjoy.

• February: Around the City

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Logo
29% off on leap day

• Afternoon visit to CB&TL after 12 noon on Monday 29 February for a 29% discount on a large Hazelnut Ice Blended® with whole milk and topped with whipped cream, while I made reasonable inroads into my latest review book from Amazon Vine. The CB&TL Leap Day discount's effective from noon through closing at all locations.

• March: the living begins

AIGA-WeWork event

AIGA-WeWork event

AIGA-WeWork event

• I loved discovering my tribe and and finding life at the DTLA AIGA event on Thursday 03 March.

• April: Highlights

Route 66 sign

• So Route 66 is right here and right now? Well, yep, it ends a few miles down the road in Santa Monica. In fact, church on Santa Monica Blvd also is on historic Route 66.

• May: Happenings

music from the left coast CD

• Spontaneous invitation to a concert I hadn't known about. Excellent choir and orchestra, a couple of world premieres, it was in a beautifully designed contemporary style church, and I won a CD for answering a question during intermission!

• June: Highlights – Learnings, observations, experiences

LCM church bldg signs in July

• The end of June marked six whole entire months (and counting!) I've been teaching every Sunday morning—"Adult Sunday School."

• July: July on a Page

Corita Center Open House

• Corita Art Center Summer Open House – Holy. Holy. Holy—Holy!!!

• August: summer summary

Getty Center 11 August 2016
London Calling Exhibit Banner • Kitten and Girl by Lucian Freud (Sigmund's grandson)

• August Excursion to the Getty Center

• September - October Roundup (published in November)

cathedral bench Saint Teresa

• On September 04 the Roman branch of the church declared Teresa of Kolkata an official saint.

reformation banner

• For October, I was extremely excited to have the church I've been attending use and love my Reformation 2016 bulletin cover! This is one of the quite similar cover photos / timeline banners I made for my fb design page.

• Every day in October was a #Write31Days2016 opportunity, and though I'm close to neutral on the style and content of my writing, I love that in the end I illustrated every single post.

• November: Highlights

National Sandwich Day

• Annual National Sandwich Day USA...happened on Thursday 03 Nov; I got a 6-inch SOTD at Subway, and a second 6-inch of my choice to celebrate and donate to the company's program and cause to feed hungry humans.

• December: Three Word Wednesday / Highlights

lessons and carols 2016

• Musical and performance style of Lessons & Carols on Advent 2 at the church I've been attending was a "very good for my soul" event.

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