Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Advent 1–Transfiguration: What Winter Brought

Today, 01 March, is the first day of meteorological spring; it's Ash Wednesday, too, the first day of Lent. Did you know lent means "spring" and derives from the longer days? These days Emily P Freeman offers seasonal linkups rather than monthly; here's my rundown that's not so much learnings from Advent 1 2016 through Transfiguration 2017, but more about my Winter Leanings.

December 2016 Highlights

December 2016 experiences

fresh apple fresh salad fresh blackberries

• Been enjoying good eats including California grown Gala apples of New Zealand ethnic heritage, blackberries from Mexico... I tell myself Mexico's local, but who knows how far south they're from, what distance they've been trucked? Price has been perfect, succulence supreme! I don't have a picture, but along the way I had my very first ever Filipino-style Halo-Halo ice cream and fruit sundae-style concoction! Been savoring sandwiches several times each week from the very friendly Subway Shop with my salad bar selection of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, onions, [green] bell pepper, [yellow] banana pepper that's always brightly super-fresh!

lessons and carols 2016

• Musical and performance style of Lessons & Carols on Advent 2 at the church I've been attending was one of those "good for my soul" events.

Christmas City, Reindeers, Soldiers

• On the Thursday before Christmas, an amazing Christmas Concert featuring some of the talent that's under the aegis of a publicist friend from church. Vocalists and pianist performed from a platform; this city was on the sidelines listening with the rest of the audience.

January 2017: Around Town

around town January 2017

orange tree in church yard

• Orange Tree in the churchyard has plump juicy fruit.

MLK Day Celebration 15 January 2017 MLK Day Celebration 15 January 2017

• On Sunday 15 January, a joint Episcopal-Lutheran MLK Day eucharistic celebration was homecoming for me. Even though it included Canterbury? Yes, because Canterbury also is a type of returning home.

God has spoken, so let the church say... Amen! Andraé Crouch

LACMA with palms and traffic signal silhouette LACMA and street with westbound bus 720 across the street from LACMA

• Afternoon of the last Sunday in January, aka Epiphany 4, a Meetup at LACMA and yes, the building was golden because I took these pics at the Golden Hour

February 2017: from Studio to Sanctuary to Street

February 2017 header

God in steadfast love will meet me, Psalm 59:10 Like a Child, Psalm 131:2, epiphany 8A

• Here are two from the group of four recent psalm edits gave me results I liked a lot.

Hammer Museum Car in Window

• How's this window exhibit on the Westwood side of the Armand Hammer Museum?

Lanterns at Hammer Museum UCLA Lanterns at Hammer Museum UCLA

• The Hammer Museum courtyard's a perfect place to read, write, draw, surf, sit.

African Diaspora Celebration at Olivet Church collage

• On Transfiguration afternoon for Black History Month "An American Artistic Voyage Celebrating the African Diaspora."

Emily P Freeman Winter 2017

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