Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Peregrinations

desert spirit's fire: march 2017
• When San Fernando Rey de EspaƱa viewed the amazingly appealing expanse of the future valley named after him… no, not really! He never got to see it during his earthly lifetime, but doubtless enjoys it from his heaven-sent one. I finally discovered a more central, probably longer term place to live, that's part of this blog about wondering through days and daze of March. Short version: no longer staying in the San Fernando Valley, aka, "The Valley," though there are several other valleys in the area.

Church Constitution Workshop Sign Church Constitution Workshop Screen
Glendale Lunar New Year Dragons and hearts
Glendale hearts

• How does Church Constitution Workshop sound? I found it useful because of my unfamiliarity with ELCA polity (I've done authorized ministry only in the UCC). Someone told me the polities aren't all that different… hmmmmm. New display for Lunar New Year and (still) Valentine's Day in the windows of the school that shares campus with church and judicatory offices.

South Central LA South Central Los Angeles

play local Crenshaw eat local Crenshaw Shop Local Crenshaw

• Welcome to South Central Los Angeles!

Westwood & Wilshire intersection Meditation entrance to Billy Wilder Theatre
Mindfulness Meditation Screen

• I've been getting to Thursday noon Mindfulness Meditation at the Hammer Museum more consistently; we meet in the Billy Wilder theater.

Jimmie Durham at the Center of the World Jean Dubuffet drawings

• Armand Hammer Museum's big plate glass windows always hold fabulous displays! Jimmie Durham at the Center of the World is new; for February I already mentioned the large exhibit of drawings and painting by Jean Dubuffet.

WWD decor WWD egret
WWD piano WWD communion elements
WWD lunch sign and table

• Initiated and somewhat sponsored by the judicatory's Green Faith Team (committee) I serve on, the Southwest California Synod help a World Water Day Event. I've already blogged my design for this page based on the Save the Date postcard and event poster I created; we fear at least some people didn't attend because of rain in the forecast, but the day still carried lots of meaning (and purpose), and I enjoyed leading the music from the piano.

• Oh, how I love and appreciate the Hammer! A current installation by Andrea Bowers engages Food & Water Watch and the Los Angeles South Central Farm with their activist concerns for access to healthy food and clean water.

funding Dakota pipeline fracking Andrea Bowers neon water is life funding Dakota pipeline fracking

• Who's Banking Against the Sioux? Andrea Bower's adaptation of infographic by Food & Water Watch showing Funding Behind the Bakken Pipeline

against Dakota pipeline fracking #NoDAPL donor ribbons against Dakota pipeline fracking

• water is life / agua es vida / we stand with standing rock / keep it in the ground / people over pipelines / you can't drink oil / climate justice / #bankexit

Emmanuel NoHO building entrance Emmanuel NoHo font to chancel Emmanuel NoHO chancel musical instruments

laurel hall school mural

• About one hundred people enjoyed the fourth session of Reformation Road Trip 4 / IV, "Luther as a Reformer of Pastoral Practice," at Emmanuel ELCA in North Hollywood. Check out the school mural! It's one among many colorful graphics that brightened this campus.

Hollywood and Vine Metro Red Line Station Pantages theatre Hollywood and Vine Red Line Metro Station

• Hollywood sure ain't all glamor and glitz! I've never posted any stars from the Walk of Fame because most of them are in a grungy tacky touristy part of town. Even the nearby Hollywood & Vine metro subway station has an aura of yesteryear's faded glory, but I like these two shots a lot, as well as the Pantages Theatre under the bright blue and cloudy sky.

subway sandwich month: march 2017

• March was Subway Sandwich month for me!
1. Sandwich month-ness started out with two free lunches from the Subway in Van Nuys where I ate lunch most of days I lived there—one from the owner-franchise holder, the next day another lunch from one of her sandwich artists.

2. We had a catered lunch from Subway at Reformation Roadtrip! Obviously I couldn't do my own thing, but the sandwiches were fresh and full of veggie snippets, though sadly the only condiments were packs of vinegar, olive oil blend, lite (yuck!) mayonnaise and yellow mustard. I settled on olive oil and vinegar only, and chow downed three 4-inch turkey subs.

3. As I waited in line a couple days ago at my nearby Subway, I noticed customer behind me had coupons and I asked where she got them. In the mail (I'd already checked by the mailboxes) and she gave me a couple to get future subs at nice prices. Ever since I've learned to fill my subs with most of the salad bar (lettuce, spinach, tomato, cilantro, onion, cucumber, bell [green] peppers, banana [yellow] peppers) and perfect amounts of my essential toppings (mayonnaise, chipotle southwest sauce, oil, vinegar, vinaigrette, oregano), these days I'm always right there when someone suggests Subway.

• march 2015 peregrinations background image is "Lavender colorful mood" by Tatiana Tatarenok, dba Antrisolja Photography, in Photos Nature on Creative Market.

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