Thursday, June 08, 2017

World Oceans Day 2017

world oceans day 2017 desert spirit's fire

WOD Theme for 2017: "Our Oceans, Our Future"

how wide does an ocean range?
how far has the Pacific been?
how long its water lived?
how long will they thrive?

headwaters in a skinny stream
venture down canyon walls across valley floors
into bay
into ocean

in eons past
(scientists will tell us how many)
these waters contained all that became
the rest of the planet
until God separated wet from dry

God spoke order and purpose
formed mountains hills canyons valleys
headwaters could unite with other streams
and become rivers running in
to replenish the ocean

God assigned place to air creatures sea creatures
and land critters
God made human creatures caretakers

in the beginning living waters surged over the planet
how long will these oceans be?

God made human creatures caretakers
how long will these oceans live?
will they become lifeless and dry?
will silent dead waters be our planet's end?

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