Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Kristin Hill Taylor's book, Peace in the Process: How Adoption Built my Faith & my Family is on Amazon! Today her Porch Stories celebrates Peace in the Process Book Release. I've been getting to know Kristin quite well; I've had the honor of being on the book launch team and encourage you to follow Kristin on her blog, facebook, twitter, Instagram and everywhere else she goes.

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My Porch Story today's also about a book. Right after the turn of this century I started reading and taking notes for my still {!!! in 2017} future book about theology of creation. The book got stuck, my entire life started getting even more sticky shortly after I compiled a working bibliography that by now will include at least another half-dozen books—so I've not been quite completely stuck. I haven't even imagined a cover design, but imagine what the tentative title suggests: Justice, Freedom, and Redemption: Divine Image and Creation's Glory. As soon as those books are out of storage I'll be back on board. Will I self-publish? I don't know. Initially I simply may create yet another blog to test my ideas, get inspiration from readers, circulate and ripen my vision.

I'd love you to read my blog and review of Kristin's Peace in the Process—you can buy your own copy on Amazon. In addition, you can write a review to help spread the amazing truth of God as the Author of Every Story. I'll conclude with some of Kristin's new book graphics for you to enjoy!

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