Sunday, October 08, 2017

Chronicling September 2017

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• Blueberries!

In the several months long low price of blueberries in the market {I'm still in a very tough living and overall situation {not to worry, cuz no way am I pushing my life off a cliff}}, among many gifts of creation, enjoying a bowl of cereal packed full of locally grown blueberries every morning has been a constant reminder of sustaining grace.

911 2010 graphic

• 911 Anniversary

We observed the 16-years later anniversary of 911-2001. This is my intentionally grungy graphic from 2010.

yellow flowers yellow flowers

subway reopening
subway reopening
subway reopening

• New to me Renovated Subway

I've long enjoyed Subway sandwiches, but over the past year I've become addicted to them after learning how to customize my order to perfection. Here's my visit to a recently renovated restaurant; for once, my sandwich and the surroundings both were photogenic; the store even had charging stations and it wasn't *even* in an area close to a school.

Vincent - Iris David Hockney Birthday C├ęzanne apples

• Getty images

Getty Water Feature Getty water feature
Getty water feature Getty water feature

• Getty Water Features

Getty landscaping
Getty landscaping Getty landscaping

• Getty Museum Vistas

Bunker Hill completed idea by Michael C. McMIllen Chandler Pavilion
Chandler Pavilion Chandler Pavilion

• Saturday September 16 Concert at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Live music is the very best! It's been too long... Pittance Chamber Music performed music by Mozart, Berg, Bernstein, and Brahms. Wonderful!

LA Metro fall assembly LA Metro fall assembly LA Metro fall assembly

LA Metro fall assembly
LA Metro fall assembly
LA Metro fall assembly

• Dream Big • Stay Hopeful

LA Metro Conference Fall Assembly at bilingual, bicultural, highly hospitable First Lutheran Inglewood. As you can see, this was another Subway Special September, this time with homemade desserts.

World Rivers Day logo

Los Angeles River

• LA River Nature Walk / World Rivers Day

The Nature Walk I enjoyed at the LA River for World Rivers Day got its own shoutout.

Green Team sign colorful backpacks
Glendale meeting falling rocks Glendale multipurpose building

• Green Team Meeting
For September the Green Faith Team again met back in our regular location at the judicatory offices. No window paintings at all on school windows by schoolkids, but I got a colorful view of their backpacks.

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