Friday, October 06, 2017

#Write31Days 06 • Koreatown

Hello Koreatown!

Los Angeles

Like most people, I have desired ideals for many possible life situations and settings. One of them is equal ethnic presence in a neighborhood, a city, state, or a country. That's impossible, but statistically the Koreatown section of Los Angeles at least has equal proportions of white, black, brown, and yellow skin tones—to express it crassly. Needless to say, that says zero about anyone's national or ethnic origin, though Koreatown's name comes from its originating and continuing with a focus on Korea-related culture, artifacts and people.

My second LA dwelling was in a Koreatown place full of very varied individuals. When I tried to count the number of housemates {or literal roommates} I had during my time there, I couldn't count that high {only a slight exaggeration}. It's an easy ride downtown, a longer westward cruise along the Wilshire corridor to Westwood and Santa Monica; with major chain grocery stores facing off across the street from each other, countless {no exaggeration} restaurants, so no one in Koreatown could be at a loss for what to do.

That's all for today. I may update this later, but I'm seriously considering not continuing this writing challenge. Despite my initial excitement with my list of 43 places to celebrate, I haven't been enjoying it. At all. However, returning to a post to expand, edit, and improve it is one of the graces of writing to a topic rather than pursuing 5 minute, unedited free writes. Have I mentioned this is a writing challenge? That it is, but I have many wonderful pictures of Koreatown and other places worthy of celebration. So who knows if I'll return to add those?

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