Thursday, October 19, 2017

#Write31Days 19 • South Central

#smile south central

Los Angeles

Since mid-March 2017 Roxy Kitteh and I've been staying in South Central LA; there's no point in describing the situation beyond saying people have reminded me, "it's a roof" and reminding myself the cost of housing in these here parts is sky-high, yet I trust something affordable and healthy eventually will surface.

Dis be da hood, so the immediate area's sparse on standard retailers and has more than a fair share of storefront indie businesses {and churches}. Life in South Central has meant relishing six {6} months of almost daily fresh local blueberries, along with the opportunity to enjoy Edward Hopper-style lighting effects {I cannot get enough of} on nearby houses during breakfast every morning weather's not overcast. So that part's been very very good.

All in all? Smell the Roses, Savor the Berries, and #SmileSouthCentral!

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