Saturday, October 21, 2017

#Write31Days 21 • San Diego

along the 8 Mission Valley San Diego spring 2015

Along The 8 in Mission Valley, San Diego

City of

Also known as "Previous City" on this site during the past 2+ years, the city of San Diego is any surfer's heaven, a locale that pretty much expects people to laze away a lot of their time, a location where real estate carries a Sunshine Tax in the form of high mortgage payments and high rents. In retrospect {and even while I still was there} I have that feeling I stayed in San Diego for too long because what I hoped would become a life turned into a holding pattern. At several junctures along the way I looked back and realized After this much time in town, anyone would have expected ... even making allowance for Southern California and the 21st century where life moves along at a slower, almost country pace, where anonymity and difficulties making social and professional connections long have been the norm.

Yet. I. Stayed. Even as almost everything deteriorated and unraveled. Because San Diego is gloriously sunstruck, full of activities, full of fun people, and full of life. My San Diego County provides more details... but in that case, why did I finally decide to relocate? I'll reveal a little more soon because Los Angeles, also known as Current City, will be the next place I celebrate in this series.

Mission Valley flowers spring 2015

Posies in Mission Valley San Diego

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