Friday, October 27, 2017

#Write31Days 27 • Planet Earth

day 27: planet earth

This Celebrating Place series has been exclusively about places I've experienced first-hand and remember clearly. I've yet to write about many possibilities on my original list, but easily could have included the state of California or the commonwealth of Massachusetts; the city of Tucson, Detroit, Santa Monica, or Boston. Possible neighborhoods could have been Clairemont, Ashmont, University City, or Tierrasanta. Regional places? Cape Cod or San Fernando Valley. I may add those and a few more if or when I pull this series together as a book.

But today... Planet Earth could have been my next to last post, right before Home, or it would have served perfectly as the series conclusion, intro/opener, day 01, or anywhere in between. Despite this Write31Days being exclusively about the continental USA, any place we celebrate's always also about all of the earth we live on, the land God owns and has loaned us. Whatever our longitude and latitude, all creation is completely interconnected and interdependent, so Every Day is Earth Day Everywhere. Celebrate!

every day is earth day

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