Saturday, October 28, 2017

#Write31Days 28 • Desert

And The Deserts

day 28: desert scene

For over fifteen years, this site, desert spirit's fire, has been the main place I write as I consider theology, life, ecology, and almost anything else that comes to mind. For Israel, the desert was not the place promised to Abraham; a desert was not the place of homecoming from exile. But for Israel, the exodus desert they trekked across post-Egyptian slavery was the literally inescapable place that shaped and formed their identity as a people of God, the place that taught them trust, that "where" they began to learn to live today and not in a past that in essence never would return, not in an unknown – yet still assuredly promised – future. In the desert Israel received bread from heaven—for day's hunger only. Water from the rock—solely for that thirst.

Many of us need a physical, geographical desert in order to assess "what's really important," to get stripped of nonessentials, to regain gratitude, to recognize the threats of consumerism and empire, to relearn the promise of life. Although I live in a coastal desert, the hot Sonoran desert is my place of bountiful oasis away from hectic urban coastal existence. Just as it did for Israel, the desert restores and reclaims me, reminds me of my identity. You can word search this blog to uncover more of my desert-focused posts; I also have an Arizona travel blog.

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