Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 • Autumn • November • on a page

Autumn 2017 on a page

This post features the month of November and the meteorological season of Autumn; here's Chronicling September, and October :: Reformation500. And I'm linking up with Emily P. Freeman's What I Learned in...

Porch Stories November summary

For this year's National Adoption Month of November, Kristin Hill Taylor has been sharing testimonies of God's faithfulness in creating families through adoption. For her Porch Story this week her guest is Melody Hester.

Some aspects of my life have slowed down as I continue looking for settled healthy housing and as I discern the future God may be leading me into. During November I didn't go on any fun or interesting outings; I kept on working as a graphic artist-designer, kept on preparing and facilitating adult Sunday School at my church, kept praying matins and compline, kept on a fairly even overall schedule.

International Sandwich Day

Since I've learned how to customize my sandwiches {that was more of a learning for November 2016 than for this November}, I've become a major fan of Subway sandwich shops. I enjoyed International Sandwich Day at my nearby Subway; instead of illustrating my not highly photogenic actual lunch, I've decorated a fabulous image from wikimedia commons.

Glendale Utility box Glendale Utility box Glendale Utility box Green Faith Team Sign

Our judicatory Green Faith Team has gotten back onto a monthly meeting schedule; again the on-campus school didn't have any art on display. But I got pictures of another graphic utility box and definitely learned grabbing a few snapshots was worthwhile even though I couldn't clearly see what I might be capturing. You can read my opening devotional talk "buy local, buy in season" I blogged almost immediately afterwards, so I remembered close to everything I said. We savored another yummy lunch from the newish Mediterranean restaurant a few doors down the street.

Thanksgiving Day 2017

Thanksgiving Day 2017 Thanksgiving Day 2017

Another Thanksgiving Day Feast following Eucharistic Worship at church—my third Thanksgiving Day in Current City!

Each of the days I've pictured represents a kind of adopted into / belonging with a group of people I even might call my tribe or family. Please take note? Each event on this list involves food!

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Emily P Freeman Fall 2017

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