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Porch Stories :: January 2018

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Today's the last day of the first calendar month of the new year 2018! Kristin Hill Taylor features a guest porch story from Lauren Sparks, Waiting for Refreshment. As usual, my last porch story of the month is a mostly activities recap; I'm still seriously discerning, still needing to sort out what has worked in the past few years, what hasn't—and maybe even figure out some reasons for both those outcomes.

The Day of Epiphany

Feast of Epiphany 2018

On the thirteenth day of Christmas every year the church celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany, and then goes on to number and observe Sundays in the season of Epiphany {for however many there will be that all depends on the date of Easter on a given year}. Epiphany especially reveals Jesus as light for all people and all creation everywhere—not only for ethnic, religious, and geographical people like him! Scripture readings bring us images of light and also a series of call stories that remind us of God's call to everyone to live as light to the world. Since 06 January was a Saturday, the church I attend epiphany feasted on the following day. The traditional manger scene still on display provided an opportunity for several of our middle-eastern folks to carry in statues of the magi and place them near the holy family. Scripture is clear they didn't really visit the Bethlehem manger, but having people of a different religion, another ethnicity, a foreign culture follow the Christ child's star to find him is such good theology, who'd not want to claim that vision?

Martin Luther King, Jr., Renewer of Society

Martin Luther King, Jr. program cover

On the afternoon of 14 January, I attended a festive commemoration and celebration of the life and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr.; the liturgical calendar calls him a "renewer of society." I've included only a picture of the program cover since my photos weren't the best. Sermon title was "What Would MLK Do?" The preacher assured us MLK would have asked, "What Would Jesus Do," because Jesus is our ultimate model and guide.

By the LA Riverside

graffiti by the river Marsh Skate Park
WWD venue Los Angeles River Sign World Water Day venue

In preparation for United Nations World Water Day on 22 March {exactly one month before Earth Day}, our monthly meeting Green Faith Team gathered alongside the LA River to continue planning our third annual WWD event. I got a lot of excellent pictures; I've blogged a sample of graffiti on the way to the park; signage for the skateboard park that came to life later in the day when a bunch of kids came by to enjoy it; two tall pics of the pavilion where we'll meet; and one of many Los Angeles River-related signs. "Our River." We enjoyed a fabulous opening devotional about John Muir and an excellent picnic lunch prepared by one of our team (committee) members. I've used one of my pictures for the January banner on this post.

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