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Porch Stories :: Living Rescued

porch stories 10 January Living Rescued

Porch Story time! Our host Kristin Hill Taylor brings us Five Practical Ways to Live Rescued. Her ideas include: Show myself grace; Make time for rest; Invite others in; Say "yes" when I want to and "no" when I need to; Recognize {your own and others} strengths and weaknesses.

This living rescued concept aligns well with my Freedom word for 2018. On Kristin's Porch Stories FB page I explained, "Last Sunday I did StarWords / word for your year with my adult SS students. When they asked about my word, I told them freedom for me is a gift of grace {without cost to me, not a transaction} from Jesus; the commandments describe the limits and boundaries of freedom in Christ, so I'm not talking about license to behave any way I want."

Here's a trio of my own ways better to live rescued:

1. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Specifically—like many people, my spending habits tend to be penny wise, pound {USD} foolish. I can become very unhappy when I discover an item I paid $1.19 for at Bargain Center {more convenient for me at that time} is only $1.00 at Dollar Tree {of course}. Either one's inexpensive, and isn't saving time usually saving money? On the other hand, why do I think I need a fourth or fifth plain white classic long-sleeved cotton shirt? On sale, of course, but there goes $20 I didn't need to spend because I didn't truly need what I bought with it. Rescued by having more $$$ to spend on good food and to stash away as a deposit on the healthy affordable housing I know will happen.

2. Sleep more if and when necessary.

If it's not an obligatory early morning and I'm drowsy, why not stay in bed another 30 minutes?! That's the best way to be rescued from early afternoon brain fog and bodily weariness. At the other end of the day, there's usually no reason not to turn in early if I've slowed way down and accomplished only ten minutes' worth in the past hour.

3. Don't even imagine trying to balance how much anyone contributes or takes—anytime, anywhere.

God has rescued us from trudging through every day with a works-righteousness mindset; claim that freedom and enjoy life first as grace-filled gift and not an economic transaction. Make freedom and joy a way of life!

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  1. I love enjoying life as a grace-filled gift!! Great words...and great applications for living rescued!!


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