Saturday, March 24, 2018

World Water Day 2018

United Nations World Water Day occurs a calendar month before Earth Day; for this year's 25th anniversary, The Answer Is In Nature – "How can we reduce floods, droughts, and water pollution? By using the solutions we already find in nature."

world water day 2018 Los Angeles Southwest California synod ELCA

As part of the denominational judicatory's Green Faith Team (committee), I helped plan this year's WWD event and I designed a save the date card, flyer/poster, and program for our outdoor gathering by the Los Angeles Riverside two days ago. It gloriously rained almost all day long! Overcast skies and the gift of heaven-sent water made our gathering with prayer, scripture, song, a history of the river, and a simply delicious lunch even more memorable. We heard the musical debut of the duo Bartlett & Herder, a subset of Water Is Sacred band that got its name faster than any other musical group in history.

This year I'm blogging a few of my photographs.

world water day 2018 stones along the way
world water day 2018 looking out at the river from the ramada
world water day 2018 setting up for the event world water day 2018 guitar, river graphic, umbrella world water day 2018 water print by John August Swanson

After the short program, everyone walked down to visit the river that was full of surging water for the first time ever in my limited experience. Besides freely flowing water, our river contained too much visible plastic pollution; End Plastic Pollution is this year's Earth Day theme. I'll mention we also need to reduce the production of paper that's a process indescribably toxic to waterways and all of Planet Earth, and uses too much water for the results we get.

world water day 2018 view of the Los Angeles River looking left
world water day 2018 view of the Los Angeles River looking right

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