Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Porch Story • May • Spring 2018 • Days of Grace

desert spirit's fire spring 2018 event summary 23 May activities

Spring 2018 event summary 23 May Porch Story

• For her Porch Story, our host Kristin remembers her favorite month with May Days!

• And I'm participating in Emily P. Freeman's end of season linkup.

• Originally I picked up on Emily Freeman's monthly (now quarterly) What I Learned in Name of Month to archive my activities. Though I almost never indicated ever having learned anything, I still kept the What I Learned in tag. This blog originally began in 2002 when starting a blog was the thing to do in much the same way starting a blog has become the thing to do in 2018. Due to many factors, even my Life Stuff label posts mostly have been little more than monologues with myself. Howsomeever—despite my life starting to rebound a decade ago and then unraveling again, I've learned all hours, days, months, years, and more are times of grace; I'll blog and link here to my Green Faith Team Talk about bountiful gifts as soon as I have an illustration to accompany it.

• The two other months of spring 2018:

Porch Stories :: March 2018 So Far

Porch Stories :: April 2018

moon flowers moon flowers
• A new moon flower/datura or two every day or so

Glendale fuchsia Glendale fuchsia
• On my way to Green Faith Meeting at judicatory offices in Glendale, I couldn't help but notice these super-bright fuchsia

Glendale undersea utility box
• Undersea – one of many fun one utility boxes in Glendale.

summer writing camp
• Adventures In Writing Camp has divisions for kids in first grade, elementary school and ready to enter middle school

Glendale School Isaiah banner
• "The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord stands forever." Isaiah 40:8
• Bulletin board banner at the school that meets in same building as judicatory offices
• Friday 18 May was National Pizza Party Day, so we had pizza for lunch!

Theodore Payne nursery Theodore Payne nursery Theodore Payne nursery
Theodore Payne nursery Theodore Payne nursery
Theodore Payne nursery Spring 2018 event summary 23 May Porch Story
• A spontaneous trip to Theodore Payne nursery.

Day of Pentecost
• Day of Pentecost design: Alleluia! the Spirit of Life Fills the World! Alleluia, Alleluia!"

Pentecost Peaches Pentecost Peaches Pentecost Peaches
• Peaches on the Day of Pentecost.

Emily Freeman what I learned in Spring 2018

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