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Porch Story :: June 2018

porch stories June 2018 highlights


* Kristin Taylor offers an end of June what happened this month porch story; I'm doing likewise, talking about highlights of the month that ends today as I continue to remind myself insanity is expecting different results from the same behaviors, as I consider Eric Andersen's, "It's not the time but just the dreams that die." Song title? Rolling Home.

• During June Roxy Kitteh and I have been doing well in our new abode; I've been getting less design work than usual, but that's provided me some physical and emotional space to ask a very serious "now what?" Because it all remains unsustainable for longer than a nano-second.

• On to a mostly pictorial account.

desert spirit's fire June blueberries

• My header features blueberries because they were abundant and affordable all month long.

Southwest California Synod Assembly

Southwest California ELCA synod Assembly logo

• I had the high privilege of designing the logo for the middle judicatory's annual meeting, the crazy excitement of seeing my design splashed all over the place everywhere I looked during the assembly. Theme was "Love and Serve God, Neighbor & Creation." I loved getting two shoutouts from the stand during plenary session and you know I loved seeing so many people I knew and realizing I'd connected fairly well in Current City. Another joy was talking with pastor who'd served North Park Church in Former City. He's been in this synod ten years, so it had been a long time.

Green Team Table

• Here's the Green Faith Team table; I designed captions and did the trifold display.

Green Team Table Great Blue Heron

• The Great Blue Heron who belongs to one of our team/committee members had to be there.

California Lutheran University back yard

• Natural beauty on the campus of California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks where we met.

Venice California and Venice Beach

Venice Beach Canal

• A friend and I spent a Sunday afternoon in the famous tourist and student town of Venice; here's Canal View 01.

Venice Beach Canal

• Venice Canal View 02

Venice Beach Palm Trees

• We visited the town of Venice and Venice Beach (with palm trees).

Venice Beach vendor storefront

• I did mention tourists; how about this shop display?

Venice California houses

• If you lived there, you'd be home here.

Closer to Home

Star jasmine

• Synod Assembly was Friday 01 June; Agnes and I sauntered over to Venice on Sunday 03 June—aside from a meeting in Glendale with no pictures for the first time ever, those were the only actual outings during June, but in my current City of Redondo Beach, I've enjoyed plenty of exquisitely scented star jasmine.

back yard moonflowers

• Every day another moonflower / datura or two, three – or more – bursts into blossom in the back yard and fades by sundown. Monday morning 18 June there were five!

strawberry moon

• Added over an hour later, even though the first thing I knew I'd include was the late in June full Strawberry Moon...

It's not the time but just the dreams that die. I dream of the homecoming of contributing to world and church to an extent reasonably consonant with my ability. In one of her books, Kay Redfield Jamison wrote she'd aged so during a particular time in her life and added, "As well one must [age], with such loss of self, such proximity to death, such distance from shelter." I don't expect many people truly to get who I am and why I have the passions I do, but doesn't everyone need the shelter of homecoming? If I let my dreams die... I will die.

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