Thursday, October 04, 2018

Write 31 Days 2018 • October 04 A New Place

write 31 days 2018 A New Place

Geographical landed place remains part of almost everyone's homecoming dream. Being exiled from place is one of the worst nightmares. Next Monday, October 8th I'll write about returning home, homecoming, or ideas related to one of those. A person may mention they're moving into a new place, typically a house or an apartment. Referring to a life situation, we speak of being in a good or bad psychological "place." Which will I blog about this time? About the most urgent one, about my need to get into a new, psychologically and overall healthier place.

The new place I need and anticipate probably will consist of a group of physical locations? Yes, but more than anything, it will be a new place of being, contributing, and participating.

That's all for today; more on this topic later.

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