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Write 31 Days 2018 • October 07 A Teacher...

write 31 days 2018 A Teacher

...who had a lasting impact on me.

Boys on one side of the classroom, girls on the other side. Rose in front of me, SaraLee to the left. No one on my right—this was the first row. Behind me? I don't remember.

All states of the USA require a year of US History for HS graduation and I dreaded it. Couldn't imagine what it would take to endure it. People who know me now might be surprised to find out I didn't like school as a kid or a teenager, but I didn't detest it, either. I had classmates who loved school, some who hated it. Aside from a few teachers, students, and assignments, what was to hate or to love about school? You literally just did it.

Early September of senior year I took my seat in Mrs. Hartley's honors American History class because the standard classes they usually assigned me to were full. From September through June I learned how to gather, assess, compile, and make decisions about evidence. I learned to write about the process. History became interesting, surprising, an exciting enterprise far distant from memorizing and quickly forgetting a few facts as we'd done in earlier grades.

A way long overdue shoutout and thank you to Mrs. Hartley!

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