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March 2019 :: Porch Story

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• Looking outward, contemplating inward from porches around town during the month of March. Porch Stories host Kristin wrote about her month of March, as well.

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• A couple of Tuesdays ago, LA Metro Conference gathered for Spring Assembly with reps from most of the 21 congregations in this conference – excellent food, excellent conversation, excellent ideas. I even got to take a very large serving of homemade spaghetti and four pieces of chicken home with me! God is good, all the time. As one of my fave Cornel West quotes reminds everyone, "We are people of hope. Why do we party on Friday nights? Why do we go to church on Sundays?" Because we are people of hope who think we know the rest of the story, but resurrection from death still always surprises us.

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• On 22 March every single year (one month before Earth Day), United Nations World Water Day reminds us Water Is LIfe. Again we celebrated World Water Day 2019 by our local Los Angeles River; for the third year in a row, the Green Faith Team planned and sponsored the event that included music by the Water Is Sacred band and a yummy lunch prepared by one of the not far away churches. You can enjoy more of my pictures on this World Water Day 2019 blog post. By the way, how about getting baptized in your local river and then claiming ongoing care and stewardship of that river and its watersheds?

world water day 2019 at LA River

• Because the Los Angeles marathon routed past the church building, we scheduled worship for Saturday evening. I got to accompany Holden Evening Prayer on the piano—such a magical setting of vespers!

LA Marathon city tow zone sign

Holden Evening Prayer accompaniment book Evening collage

• Instead of after-worship Sunday brunch, we had a yummy sandwiches and salad supper and the first ever dessert bake-off that attracted the biblical number of seven entries. Here's the traveling trophy:

Dessert Bake-off Trophy

• A blissful Sunday outing to nearby Madrona Marsh yielded peace and pictures

Madrona Marsh
Madrona  Marsh
Madrona  Marsh
Madrona  Marsh Madrona  Marsh Madrona  Marsh

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