Thursday, March 12, 2020

Five Minute Friday :: Table

five minute friday table

Five Minute Friday Linkup Page—Table

For close to six months, half a year, most weeks I've started FMF to the extent of pasting the linkup into a new TextEdit page, to the extent of saving the lovely small word prompt illustration FMF host Kate provides. I played a few weeks ago on February 18th; Previous time was 15 February 2019. Because the linkup remains live for a week, one doesn't necessarily need to play Thursday evening or some time Friday, so day of the week's no big deal. I used to play almost "all the time." Trying again this week... I can do this, I know I can do this.

This photograph of open air, open – all comers equal and equally welcomed – seating for a couple dozen people with tables finely dressed and beautifully set is my example, my icon of a bountiful welcome home. Previously I've mentioned food is my love language, even though it's not one of those famous five official ones. Nothing distresses me more than exclusion from a meal or from a snack, being barred from any eating event.

The gospels show us many instance of Jesus eating with friends, strangers, outcasts, and assorted others. We sometimes call one of our sacraments the Lord's Supper—basic elements of nutritious bread, served with a cup of fruit of the vine, ground-zero agricultural gifts of a land of promise farmed and stewarded well. We can call the feast Jesus invites us to the table of "go and do likewise" because the Lord of that Supper calls, enables, and sends us out to invite and dine with friends, strangers, outcasts, assorted others—maybe even with enemies?!

" and drink at my table in my realm and be strengthened as you take up responsibilities among the assemblies of God's people!" Luke 22:30. MSG, alt.

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