Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Five Minute Friday :: Tomorrow

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Poet Carl Sandburg insists there's nothing in the world but a sky full of tomorrows, an ocean of tomorrows. Another renowned wordsmith, William Faulkner, reminds us the past keeps overtaking us minute by minute. It's never ever really over forever.

Wherever you've ventured, wherever you've settled and stayed for a while, however varied your experience, every one of our not yet here tomorrows will contain many ingredients from our semi-gone pasts. However we think we've designed and marketed ourselves into the future, past still is present and tomorrow cannot happen without both careful preparation and those random unwanted unwelcome encounters that often shape us more thoroughly and incisively than our decisions to associate with certain people, our intention to follow a formal course of study in accounting or zoology.

Poetic farmer Wendell Barry counsels "Practice resurrection."

Only the living word, the lively spirit of God can enact resurrection from death, but we can live as if, as if we already are in that tomorrow we dream of and plan for—that sometimes surprises us. As we welcome tomorrow, why not even tightly hug some of those yesterdays and yesteryears that have sourced tomorrow, that have been wellsprings for today?

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  1. Sandberg, Faulkner spoke tomorrows,
    and left me in complete confusion,
    so it's Buddhas wisdom I shall follow,
    and time is an illusion
    of the tiny grains that pass
    and measure all our days
    within imagined hourglass,
    but all the grains do stay
    within the vessel's bright confines,
    and move as the master wills,
    parsing thus both space and time
    and in the end are still,
    longing that they might one day reach
    their brethren on an endless beach.

  2. Thanks, Andrew! that is so very beautiful!


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