Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Five Minute Friday • Church

Five Minute Friday Linkup: Church

• Five MInute Friday is a Christian gathering, yet welcomes anyone who wants to practice writing and meet new people. Most prompts are generic, but this time it's—church.

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In the beginning I encountered the church as Corita Kent's art and Dietrich Buxtehude's music. I wrote that right: "as" art and music, not "in" art and music. Many people go on pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Wittenberg, or Geneva; I've made them to Corita's studio in Los Angeles, to Buxtehude's Marienkirche in Lübeck. I knew nothing of law or gospel, scripture or sacrament.

Before long I discovered everyone gathered at Central Church to get the news, to shop at the markets. The tower clock rang hours, quarters, halves of secular time, called the baptized into the building to celebrate sacred liturgical time.

Slowly I learned about Christianity's long history of justice, advocacy, compassion, and care. And prayer. Theological distinctions and differences. I *even* learned to read and interpret scripture and finally started to get how Being Church was about following Jesus to the cross (to Jesus' cross, not out own) and to the empty grave.

These days? I sometimes reflect on sin and grace, mercy and healing, scripture and sacrament. Creating as a liturgical artist somewhat in the tradition of Corita is a major part of my participation in being church…

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  1. So glad to see you doing FMF again. I miss reading your posts.


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