Thursday, December 31, 2020

December 2020

December 2020 Header Christmas Scene

• December header coordinates with my designs for Advent and Christmas Day.

Sunday School lessons for December 2020. Per my earlier observations, though they're less dynamic, they're better organized than the notes I used to blog after our in-person meetings.

December grasses in Hermosa Beach Heather's Christmas sled December grasses in Hermosa Beach

• Beach grasses are from a Tuesday trip to Roxy's vet for routine tests and checkup. Heather Bolinder painted the Christmas sled and I decorated it bit by bit, year after year. Heather's painting pain website is parked without content; although she hasn't added to her FB page for a long time, you still can enjoy some painting pain pieces and examples of her other art.

Christmas Day 2020 Park Scene Christmas Day 2020 Park Scene

• Christmas day walk in the park matched the one J and I did on Thanksgiving Day.

Christmas Day 2020 Trees Christmas Day 2020 Trees Christmas Day 2020 Trees

• A trio of tree trunks and branches at the park came together to create an artistic group.

December 2020 blueberries in bowl

• By venturing outside my usual Canada/Mexico/California I'm still enjoying affordable fresh blueberries in late December. These hail from Peru; they're larger, firmer, and clearly grown to haul some distance.

Living Local 2020

• Last January before anyone could have imagined 2020, I announced it would be my year of living local. Though I realize many small businesses are Amazon vendors and provide order fulfillment, I didn't order anything amazon during the year, and despite buying some on eBay, the rest of my shopping remained ultra-local.

December 2020 Cold Moon

• I've been illustrating a year of full moons; here's the Cold Moon for December. Sky background and moon itself both are stacks of photoshop filters.

• Would you believe – do you believe? – I'm ready to welcome 2021?

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  1. Very interesting thank you. Have a very happy and healthy New Year.


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