Monday, January 18, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Fresh

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Five Minute Friday Linkup: Fresh

In some contexts fresh implies new; in others if it's fresh it ain't stale or hasn't been cooked or incorporated into a dish with other ingredients. These days? No, all days year round I seek and crave fresh salad and sandwich veggies, breakfast berries, a particular "fresh" that necessarily means locally sourced. Then there's increasingly rare fresh air you hope for when you step outside, open a window, walk along the ocean shore.

My illustration's clearly about forthcoming fresh food, a fresh sea breeze—and so much more. Six place settings, six chairs. Could that mean I'm anticipating fresh friends that may become lifelong companions? That might be too much, but let's say an hour or so of freshly surprising conversation with memories to savor until they're stale.

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  1. This picture and your post, make me want to be on the Mediterranean eating fresh fish and shrimp and homemade pasta. YUM. I'm excited for the possibility of your making solid friends and adding to your dinner table!
    Your neighbor #55 this week at FMF,


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