Sunday, February 07, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Sunrise

desert spirit's fire bokeh sunrise

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I've spent immeasurable time preparing for tomorrow, for a future, for that best I told myself was yet to come. But when? Come on up to the rising. When? At the rising… of the sun, at the dawning of a new day. Look to the east! The time is here!

Before memes became an internet concept and a household word, I collaged one that read, "Your view, Leah? Follow your heart; the best is yet to come–but you've got to be an expert." [You gotta be very good at everything you do if you really expect that eventual best.]

Carl Sandburg says there's "only an ocean of tomorrows, only a sky of tomorrows." But I don't want another tomorrow! I want this very day slowly breaking wide into full bloom. There had better not be only tomorrows. I've spent too much time getting ready for a tomorrow I logically assumed would turn into today. I need one of those sunrises then another of those sunrises, another, another, and another to turn into days so splendid I forget all about the possibility of any tomorrow, todays so glorious I'm happy to live here and live now.

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  1. thank you so much for sharing. yes, in the waiting for tomorrow we forget the very glorious seconds of today!


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