Sunday, February 28, 2021

Winter & February 2021 Rundown

Valentine Heart Header for February 2021
• February is Heart Month in more than one sense; February is Black History Month. Black History belongs to all history, but it's great to celebrate a season of special emphasis. COVID-19 continues, yet happily updated with vaccines rolling out worldwide. As long as everyone continues to Wear-A-Mask and maintain distances of 2 meters – 6 feet, we may recover recognizable lives before long.

December 2020 Highlights

Still Living Local in January 2021

Sunday School for the Four Sundays of February

• In the interest of simplification, Emily P Freeman no longer hosts a linkup, but I'm giving her a shoutout because she's the reason I've been summarizing every single month. She also sends an interestingly helpful weekly email, so check her out!
Black History Month 2021 Poster by suntreeriver design
• My header for February is one of several versions I did for Valentines and Hearts; here's this year's poster for Black History Month.

southern California flora
• With ongoing statewide Stay Safe–Stay Home orders and smart people (like me, of course) not going very far (as my google maps prove), I don't have any extraordinary documentation from museums, zoos, or related venues, but I did capture some lovely local flora.

southern California flora
• Another group of three

Three tree photographs from urban park
• Some trees from the nearby park, simiar to scenes I've featured in previous months.

three camera views of a late February lily
• Three views of a lily from late February–Stella d'Oro, Star of Gold?

Blueberries and Blackberries in Ikea Bowl with plaid background
• I tried for quite a while but didn't yet create a good version of February's full snow moon, so this month ends with another Ikea bowl of blueberries and blackberries together forever.

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