Saturday, March 06, 2021

Five Minute Friday • Green

Backyard greens from 02124
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"Green" occasionally suggests a newbie who doesn't know much; more often, calling someone Green means they're a planet-lover willing to let go of some druthers for the common good of all creation. Most of us have gotten progressively greener over the past decade, many since the turn of this century or earlier. Being in pandemic lockdown has hugely helped the green endeavor. As an energy-saver starter, almost everyone ventures outside less often and stays closer to home when they do go out. Back when COVID-19 wasn't even a whisper, I declared 2020 my year of living local, with a moratorium on amazon purchases part of that resolve. I realize Amazon supports small entrepreneurs and indie sellers, but did you ever rage over their hyper-excessive packaging and all that wanton wastefulness?

COVID-19 has made locally sourcing vittles and services, buying Made In This Country products, cleaner leaner energy, and reduced consumption of all kinds a little easier. Those are important aspects of greening up, but more than anything, the color green means spring is on the way. …

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