Saturday, March 27, 2021

Five Minute Friday • Savor

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Five Minute Friday – Savor Linkup

I always associate the words savor and savory with food, though logically they can apply to anything that impacts our senses. I haven't researched it, but I assume savor in English parallels sabor in Spanish. When anyone asks about my culinary preferences, Mediterranean tops my list, with Mexican (Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, New Mexico-Mex) – Peruvian, Salvadoran – and fabulous memories of Caribbean fare that approaches the ultimate fusion cuisine next. If anyone then inquires about degree of heat, I tell them "around 7 or 8 by north of the [International USA-Mexico] border measurements; about a 2 by south of the border reckoning." Then I explain I appreciate a fair degree of spicy heat, but flavor comes first; I describe an ideal dish as loaded with veggies plus very "savory and succulent."

More than one person has assumed I don't care for sweets as I always (as politely as possible, though I know I can sound impatient) turn down all offers of generic pastries, candies, and desserts. But not liking sweets is far away from my reality. As with savories, my sugaries need to be high-end, rich, and decadent.

What do you savor?…
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Five Minute Friday Savor
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  1. My first thoughts went right to food too. I was thinking of my taste buds. then I went to savoring moments or peaceful sounds. Thankfully we have many daily moments (or tastes) to savor.

  2. My mouth was watering just reading this post! I love hot and spicy, but not TOO hot and spicy -- not sure what number that would be ;) What I do eat is mainly quite ordinary food, due to a health issue that eliminates a lot of wonderful flavours. But I savour food, nonetheless. Roasted veggies are definitely a favourite! Visiting you from FMF#40


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