Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March 2021

March blog rundown header
• All of March 2021 has been within the soberly somber reflective season of Lent that helps prepare for the surprise of Easter.

• The COVID-19 pandemic continues; despite worldwide vaccine rollouts, too many people in this country have been acting with almost no consideration of anyone else, so I don't have a lot of hope for economic and social revitalization.

• My March header features three pictures from Carla's Tucson place and a ceramic cross with a descending dove from church. I have no idea when I'll feel safe enough to fly again, but early March I started back at real life church and it's been wonderful to reconnect with the handful who attend.

Four weeks of Sunday School notes from my lectionary blog.

• For almost a dozen years I've designed for UN-sponsored World Water Day—an easy to remember one month before Earth Day. Due to COVID I didn't get to a live event, but created a flyer for the Green Team's virtual one and adapted some of it into a blog about #Water2me and Celebrating Your Watershed because everyone lives in a watershed!

buildings and foliage along Santa Monica Blvd Route 66 Los Angeles
• I've long loved how reflections and sunlight bounce off the glass curtain wall of this office building along Route 66. Assembling the triptych was tough because I got many excellent shots.

buildings and greenery along Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles late March 2021
• Also for more than a short while… I've had this thing about red doors – red chairs, too – and get obsessively drawn to take their pictures. Left panel of this triptych features Red, White, and Blue; next is a slice of the DTLA skyline; finally verdant succulents along the way to the other image captures.

urban windowbox greenery Sunday 21 March 2021 West Los Angeles

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