Tuesday, March 23, 2021

March 23 • Impact

Impact font illustrating impact prompt
Lenten Snapshots 2021

Another Lenten Snapshot to another of April's prompts. On schedule today, though I've almost convinced myself this is supposed to be a diversion rather than a discipline.

Tuesday 23 March :: Impact

Background this time also comes from the "12-abstract-seamless-patterns" I got from Pine Art via Creative Market. For Friday's Intersection I mentioned how the retro late-twentieth century feel of the colours appealed to me, and no surprise I've illustrated today's Impact with Impact the Font. According to my Fontbook font management app, the design hails from 1965, the unique name "Impact" from 1992 when computing was making Word Processing a buzz phrase and Open Type with its 65,000+ glyphs and other refinments allowed anyone with the proper software to finesse their typography in ways no one ever had imagined.
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