Monday, May 31, 2021

May and Spring 2021

may 2021 desert spirit's fire summary blog

• Header features some inspiring local flora. Jacaranda trees are back in town—moon flowers, too.

spring 2021 blog banner

March 2021 Summary

April 2021 Earth Month

• This blog's about meteorological spring months March and April as well as May.

March on my Lectionary Project blog

April on my Lectionary Project blog

May on my Lectionary Project blog

may 2021 Star of Gold lily with dramatic shadows

• Consensus on Twitter says this is Stella d'Oro, Star of Gold. I LOVE the shadows!

Los Angeles spring desert flora

• Spring Desert Flora – Hens and Chicks Variety

Pink Posies cascading along the wall

• I found these Pink Posies tangled amongst the Morning Glory.

golden California poppies

• Golden California Poppies on the day of Pentecost

Super Moon

• The Full Flower Moon for May 2021 was a Super Moon and included a very early morning brief eclipse (not illustrated).

LIving Local 2021

• COVID-19 hasn't gone away! Although I got my first Moderna jab, I'm still staying local, buying local, living local overall, and VERY definitely will continue to mask and distance for a long time.

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