Thursday, July 01, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Deserve

Thai restaurant desserts collage

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Taking five…

Ya know what? I decided I deserve dessert. The blogger-verse deserves the collage I assembled for the back of a client menu using actual pictures of real desserts the restaurant serves. How enticing does this look? People often assume I don't care for sweets because I don't do random sugary processed ones like commercial candy bars and supermarket bakery rack. I don't enjoy common ordinary (anything, really). I truly love decadent, gloriously rich, flavor-filled, hand-crafted, gourmet-tinged desserts worthy of a wedding reception or PhD commencement. What are your passions?

I'll continue by telling my readers the UK restaurant I made the collage for closed fairly early in the ages-long COVID-19 pandemic so therefore hasn't ordered any menu designs from me in a very long time. Its specialty is-was Thai cuisine; reviews were stellar except last time I looked they only accepted cash! If-when they open post-COVID, that will need to change. During COVID-tide you may have noticed signs in shops and eating emporiums advising customers to pay by card rather than with cash?

What are your post-meal preferences? A glass of sweet Angelica? A snifter of brandy? When it's good it's great tiramisu? Vanilla bean ice cream cranked on the front porch or a humble slice of jumbleberry pie? Whatever it is, bring it on and let's talk into the future!

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  1. simple ones work best for me... a plain bowl of vanilla ice cream, maybe with butterscotch or chocolate drizzled... mmmm.... ;)

  2. Another dessert fan here! (To me, all tiramisu is great, even when it's not that good.)

  3. A beautiful strawberry shortcake!!! Yes GOD!! Deirdre FMF#3

  4. I'm so not a dessert person.... savory all the way!

  5. Yay for dessert!! I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

    Amy- FMF #4


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