Monday, July 26, 2021

Five Minute Friday • Order

Five Minute Friday 23 July Order
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Order the noun and "order" the verb both have many connotations. Purchase order, shop order, food order. Books arranged in order of… author, color, size, publication, read or not. You need to order me to finish the current phase of the project. This six-month long stretch when we order or number Sundays after Pentecost are common to the ecumenical church, so we call them ordinary, and they're ordinary because of the order or structure they help give these Sundays. Amidst one of those well-known controversies in the church at Corinth, the apostle Paul finally told them, "OK, then, do whatever, but be sure you do everything decently and in order," creating a buzz phrase that in English has trademarked the polity of a well-known mainline church body.

God marked a line and told the sea
its surging tides and waves were free
to travel up the sloping strand
but not to overtake the land…

…begins one of Thomas Troeger's hymns to describe the order of creation. The ten words or commandments of the Sinai covenant order our lives together.

What's my favorite kind of order? A food order, of course.

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PS Thanks to Kate for another lovely photographic illustration.

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