Saturday, July 31, 2021

July 2021 • Here There Everywhere

July 2021 blog header with tiles and berries

• Header collage of fresh berries and North Hollywood retro tiles.

Lectionary Project for July; I still need to update and republish July 10th (with a different name).

July 4th Rose  in Gardena

• Fourth of July Sunday Roses from St John's Gardena

North Hollywood Train Depot Front

• The revitalized North Hollywood Lankershim Train Depot now houses a Groundwork Coffee

Here's the Groundwork Coffee NoHo Page

North Hollywood Lankershim Depot Side

• Sideview of the Lankershim Southern Pacific Train Depot

Lankershim tile in NoHo Subway Station

• Most Los Angeles Metro Subway stations have a unique style; North Hollywood is very mid-[twentieth]century. Here's only one of my many pics (recently and over the years) of NoHo tiles; this is one of the Lankershim farm. Isaac Lankershim was Isaac Van Nuys' Father-in-Law.

COVID compliant sign

• COVID protocols compliance sign at the Camp Central site—I was the main kitchen person. They gave me the menu and told me I'd make it happen. A really great week!

Camp Central Tote Bag

• "Life is Better at Camp Central" tote bag

Garden Cow

• Van Nuys Garden Cow

Garden Hen

• Van Nuys Garden Hen

Garden Peacock

• Van Nuys Garden Peacock

Camp Central Art Activity

• Campers had artistic craft and musical activities that included making their own masks. Being in the kitchen most of the time, I didn't get many pictures.

Subway Restaurant interior

• Except for the few weeks last spring the nearby Subway totally closed, I've been getting Subway takeaway—even after they opened up for indoor dining. Camp Central week included a COVID milestone: lunch inside the restaurant.

Burger- Hotdog fire pit

• Supper-Dinner-Evening Meal on the last day of camp was burgers and hotdogs. How do you like the firepit?

Camp Central Shirt

• Staff and campers all got "Life is Better at Camp Central" shirts on the last day.

Pioneer Day 2021

• My almost-annual design for Utah's National Holiday, Pioneer Day, also known as Pie and Beer Day: Days of '47 because This Is The Place

Leafy Restaurant Skylight

• A second COVID milestone! Here's the leafy skylight at the restaurant where J treated me to Al Fresco lunch at (but not inside) the restaurant. We'd enjoyed this mostly vegan establishment before COVID.

Restaurant Greenery tall plant

• Garden greenery tall plant from the restaurant

Lunch Table

• Our lunch table – they had 6 or 8 on the Al Fresco patio, though some braved their meal inside.

Vegan Lunch Bowl

• Such a delicious lunch bowl


• Succulent One from Van Nuys


• Succulent Two from Van Nuys

Living Local 2021
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