Thursday, September 30, 2021

September 2021 Overview

September 2021 blog header

Lectionary Project :: September

early September trees and sky in Big Bear Birdhouse tree and chair in Big Bear

actual Big Bear in the town of Big Bear Labor Day weekend in Big Bear buildings with flags

A Frame cabin and yard in Big Bear

• Labor Day Weekend I visited Big Bear for the first time ever—late Friday evening through late Tuesday afternoon!!! Monday we experienced a 90 minute cruise around Big Bear Lake on Miss Liberty, but none of my pictures were good enough to blog.

Los Angeles Food Bank truck

Los Angeles Food Bank truck

Green Veggies and Red Yogurt to go Food Bank veggies ready to go

• All month I've enjoyed working on Monday Food Distribution. Powered by grants, donations, by nearby farms, and by human hands and feet, it's particularly important as COVID continues in this low income community with a high proportion of immigrants.

Trio of bright pink flowers in Big Bear

light pink flowers in greenery in Big Bear

Yellow Hibiscus in Los Angeles

• September flowers were lovely everywhere.

outside All Saints Church Inside All Saints Church

• After a year and a half long break due to COVID, Conference Assemblies are back. I've at least partly moved from Los Angeles Metro to Twin Valleys; Sunday evening at All Saints Sun Valley included a mandated business meeting plus a festive Eucharist to celebrate the formal start of the cooperative Twin Valleys (Santa Clarita and San Fernando) Parish that allows small churches to do more together than they could by themselves. Historically, Conference Assembly always included a good meal. This time we had delicious boxed sandwich, salad, savory bread stick, and dessert from a local restaurant whose name I'd love to have. Guests could dine inside or outside but stayed in their own affinity pods. These are the two best pictures from my phone.…for some reason, the couple dozen excellent views I got on my camera weren't on the SD card. Next time, maybe?

Community Garden September Scene with chair Community Garden in September looking down the row

• I've long loved food ministries, and mostly have done kitchen to table to consumer, so I'm excited to get in on the growing experience from the ground up. Justice is important. Food is essential.

Living Local 2021

• COVID intensified Living Local, yet there's no reason to quit. Ever.

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